Diamond Girdle

The girdle is the outer edge of the diamond. It is described and graded from “Extremely Thin” to “Extremely Thick”. The girdle should be faceted.

A diamond with an “Extremely Thin” girdle can chip while being set or during use.

A diamond with an “Extremely Thick” girdle is not proportionately cut and will be comparatively dull. A 1- carat diamond with a “Very Thick” girdle may look like one of a ¾ carat. Diamonds with “Extremely Thin” and “Extremely Thick” girdles are less desirable and therefore are much cheaper than those with a “Medium” girdle. Also, although, diamond is the hardest natural substance it can break and chip. Therefore care must be taken to avoid buying a diamond that could potentially break or chip down the road; especially the ones with Extremely Thin girdle.

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