Design Village Ethical Sourcing Policy

Diamonds are mined throughout the world. The large producers are in Africa, Australia, Russia and Canada. Diamonds constitute a major portion of the economies of many African countries, employing thousands and providing education, healthcare, etc. We are cognizant of the conflict diamond issues and therefore fully support the Kimberley Process and ethical gold mining, metalsmithing and re-cycling.

Kimberley Process

Kimberley Process is an international protocol to track diamond trade. In 2003, congress passed a law adopting the Kimberley Process that makes it mandatory for all retailers in the United States to source diamonds from suppliers who have documentation warranting that their diamonds are procured from legitimate sources.

Design Village has zero tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds. We source our diamonds from large diamond cutters and wholesalers who have utmost integrity towards the trade and take pride in enforcing ethical sourcing. All Design Village diamonds are warranted to be conflict free.

Canadian Diamonds

Going a step ahead we stock diamonds that are mined and polished in Canada. These diamonds are warranted to be mined in an environmentally sustainable way and polished by very highly skilled craftsmen in Canada under Canadian laws. Each of these diamonds comes with a Northwest Territories Government certificate authenticating these facts. We also carry diamonds that are mined in Canada but polished in other countries. These diamonds are accompanied by a Canadian Code of Conduct certificate.

Jewelry made in USA

We take pride in making all our jewelry here in the United States. All our gold and metal is sourced from large suppliers in the US who meet the highest human rights, social, and environmental criterion. We do not sell imported jewelry. This way we also eliminate problems associated with gold adulteration, gold under-karating, Cadmium poisoning, etc.