Jewelry Replacement Service

Design Village Diamonds is committed to provide total jewelry replacement service for your clients. Our substantial strengths in sourcing gems of all kinds and customizing jewelry means that you can rely on us to handle your jewelry replacement needs promptly, professionally, and to the satisfaction of all parties involved. Please follow the steps in our Jewelry Replacement Service program.

Contact us:

Our representatives will get information on the insured, description of the item(s) claimed, policy coverage and claim number. Please click here for the claim form.

Insurance Replacement Hotline:

Phone: 888-718-7252 Fax: 732-372-0235

Contact the insured:

Notify the insured that Design Village is your recommended professional jewelry replacement service. You can give the insured our Hotline phone number, or arrange for our representative to call and schedule a meeting. We realize that the loss of fine jewelry can be an emotional and traumatic experience for the insured. Be assured, we are trained to handle these delicate situations.

Pricing the Claim

Based upon the sales invoice and appraisal our representative will discuss various alternatives available to the insured. In the absence of an appraisal we shall offer appropriate alternatives to replace the lost item.


We shall provide you with a copy of the Claim Worksheet notifying you of the claim status, and noting any unresolved questions about the item or its replacement costs. Upon your authorization, Design Village will proceed with merchandise delivery and billing.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

After signing a Certificate of Satisfaction release form, the merchandise is delivered to the insured. The insured will also be given a written appraisal of the new item(s), a diamond certification if applicable. You will be sent the Certificate of Satisfaction release form along with the invoice.

It has been our experience that invariably we end up providing a diamond and/or color stone better than the one being replaced.

Please download this claim form. Fill in all the information and fax it to us along with related paper work ( Receipt, Appraisal, etc ) of the lost/damaged jewelry. We shall get back to you as soon as we hear back from your insurance company. Please feel free to call us with your questions, if any.